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    "Six-Gun Gorilla" was originally published as a fifteen-part serial in a British Pulp called Wizard in 1939 by an author whose identity remains unknown. When the character fell into the public domain in 2013 there were two comic book adaptations released simultaneously in the same month, the first (a traditional Western) an independent book and the second (a Science Fiction fantasy) by BOOM! Studios.


    The only survivor from a circus train wreck, a baby gorilla is found by Johnson, an elderly prospector who names him O’Neil and raises him. Johnson teaches O'Neil how help him pan for gold, as well as how to cook, clean survive on his own in the Western wilderness, part of this involves O’Neil learning how to use a revolver, learning it so well he becomes a crack shot. Life is tough but good for the pair, until one day while O'Neil is out hunting; Johnson is murdered for what the desperadoes believe he knows about “the great mother lode." Getting back, O’Neil is able to tell who the men were who killed his friend Johnson by using his sense of smell, which is as good as a hound dogs. Bent on vengeance O’Neil straps on a bandolier, holsters a Colt and starts to track down the six villains, though desert, swamp and over mountains, determined not to stop until the last murderer is dead. He soon comes to be known as the feared Six-Gun Gorilla.

    Powers and Abilities

    Marksmanship - Six-Gun Gorilla is an excellent marksman, capable of pulling off impossible shots. Examples include shooting multiple discs thrown in the air, getting a head-shot on a hidden bandit without looking, and gunning down nearly a dozen men in seconds.

    Enhanced strength - Because he is an ape, Six-Gun Gorilla can lift up to multiple tons. He was shown to be able to lift a horse and toss it onto a bandit.

    Enhanced senses - Six-Gun Gorilla's six senses are greatly enhanced, and are far greater than a normal human's.

    Agility - Six-Gun Gorilla is extremely agile and able to jump a huge height not even the TumbleSquids could reach.

    Heat-resistant - Six-Gun Gorilla carries around a poncho that can withstand extremely high temperatures. It was shown to to be able to endure blazetime.


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