Six-Fingered Hand

    Team » Six-Fingered Hand appears in 13 issues.

    They were a group of six Lesser Demons.

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    Major Story Arcs

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    The Six-Fingered Hand wanted to merge Earth and Hell but were stopped by the Defenders .They were pawns of higher demons including Mephisto (who was actually Maya in disguised ) Satan, Thog, and Satannish. They also commanded many minor demons such as Gargoyle (who considered himself their equal). They also created a statue called the Lesser Grey God, which had the power to reawaken old curses.

    Note: The Lesser Grey God is owned by Rufus T. Hackstabber and is a hood ornament for his taxi cab.

    Members of the Hand include Avarrish, Hyppokri, and Fashima.


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