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    A shadow elemental of the old world and enemy of the New Gods.

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    After the death of the Old Gods and before the rise of the new, there was a time when monstrous shadow elementals walked the cosmos. The last of them remaining is S'ivva, the Old God Dancer of destruction, a powerful divine monster whose dance could destroy the universe. When the New Gods came to power, S'ivva fell asleep under the eternal sea on New Genesis, there sleeping undisturbed for eons.

    When Darkseid corrupted the Source S'ivva awoke, and immediately proceeded to carry out his purpose. With all the Gods either powerless or uncaring due to the madness in the Source, S'ivva made way to the middle point between Apokolips and New Genesis. There, he began his dance of destruction, which, when completed, would tear apart the fabric of space and time.

    To battle him, Highfather called upon Superman and Orion to stall S'ivva, while he himself and

     Superman and Orion battling S'ivaa
    Superman and Orion battling S'ivaa

    Darkseid sought to breach the Source and undo the damage Darkseid has done.

    Eventually, S'ivva has defeated when Superman and Orion tossed him through a hole in space he himself created, hurling him to the rupture in the Source wall created by Highfather and Darkseid. S'ivva was pulled into the Source wall, becoming a part of it forever.

    New 52

    The beastly old worlder still sits within the Source Wall where all gods; Old and New alike, find their own corner of paradise or eternal torment. When the evil New God Darkseid was killed in battle against the deadly Anti-God, his demise echoed throughout the multiverse and beyond alerting a great many individuals of his passing as well as irreparable consequences of biblical proportions on magic and creation as a whole.

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    Due in no small part to this The Champion of Magic's connection to his former pantheon of gods was violently disrupted. In a desperate bid to repower him Shazam went to the source itself in order to bind Billy Batson to a new host of deities (individuals who made overlapping and overwhelming conversation within him just moments after the God of Evil was Killed) who would bestow their blessings and power upon him, but before this the young ward would go about a pilgrimage meeting his new patron gods. One among them being S'ivva himself whom he visited after meeting the first of his new benefactors.

    Though somewhat appealed that a weak mortal child would inherit his divine power initially. Telling him that his new pantheon had intercepted his transformative lightning but moments before he reverted back to type just to warn him of the final divine doner who'd rather usurp both his, The Wizards and the rest of his new transcendent powerset's mantel too said power for himself. Only for the young page to rebuff him and somewhat earn the ancient ones respect as S'ivva sent him along to his next power source.

    Powers & Abilities

    Old God Physiology

    S'ivaa's powers were vast. Due in part to pertaining to being an Old God of the third world coupled with being a shadow elemental, he was immune to the powers of gods be they Old and New alike, such as the Omega effect and Astro force, which is why Highfather had to draft Superman to help them.

    • Superhuman Strength: S'ivaa possessed tremendous if not astronomical levels of physical strength, so strong was he that the beastly Old God could tear a hole through the impenetrable source wall by his lonesome. Easily one of the most physically powerful of ancient beings outmatching both Superman and Orion combined in a contest of might, individuals known for being among the strongest if not The strongest of their piers. The best they could manage was keeping him off balance during their turbulent fight.
     S'ivva's dance
    S'ivva's dance
    • Immutability: Due in part of being a shadow elemental, he was all but completely impervious both to physical and metaphysical affliction. So resilient was he that the combined might of Kryptonian and New God alike could barely scratch him.
      • Divine Power Negation: He was also unaffected by the cosmological attributes of the New Gods such as Darksied's Omega Sanction, Orion's Astro Force, Highfather's Source siphoning and quite possibly other factions of great power.
    • Existential Distortion: S'ivva's greatest power, however, is his ability to rip apart space and time. During the battle he has caused numerous holes in the universe simply by moving his arms about.
      • Universal Irriversability Dance: The greatest use of this and all of the vicious god monsters power is in his dance, which, had he ever completed it, would completely tear apart the universe.
    • Energy Daggers: Whether an involuntary discharge or an aspect of his dimensional and reality distortion capabilities, S'ivva could launch crystal-energy daggers from his being along the space-time continuum to attack opponents. They were potent enough to stagger superman when he was caught off guard.

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