Sitting Bullseye

    Character » Sitting Bullseye appears in 9 issues.

    Sitting Bullseye is a CIA operative turned super-villain. As member of The Band of the Bland, he is counted amongst Marvel's most mediocre malcontents.

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    Oliver Bedwette was employed as a CIA operative infiltrating the American Indian movement in a search of a bootlegging ring. The bootleggers, cracking his cover, tattooed a bullseye on his chest and sent him off. The easily identifiable mark would forever hinder his ability to work undercover and, subsequently, cost him his job.
    Embittered, he applied his CIA training to a life of crime. Doctor Angst would provide him with renewed purpose as a member of the Band of the Bland.

    After the Band's defeat at the hands of the Defenders, Sitting Bullseye (arguably the most skilled team member) led The Band of the Bland during Doctor Angst's prison time. His proxy leadership came to an end upon Doctor Angst's escape.


    Sitting Bullseye was created by Steve Gerber and Sal Buscema in 1976 and first appeared in Marvel Treasury Edition # 12. 

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