Sisterhood of the Wasps

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    A splinter secret society that is in constant battle with their previous organization, The Spider Society.

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    The Wasps and The Spiders together
    The Wasps and The Spiders together

    The Sisterhood of the Wasps was originally part of a larger organization that started in 1099 A.D. in the Kingdom of Castille. They were protectors against a darkness, but the organization was splintered over differing strategies of how to better the world. The Sisterhood of the Wasps sought world dominance with power from the Great Hive, and the Spider Society, empowered by the Great Weaver, stood against them in a war that has raged for centuries. Each secret society had a totemic Hunter, with gifts from their power sources, and a Mage, that would mentor and, if necessary, restrain the Hunter.


    The first appearance of Sisterhood of the Wasp operatives was in Amazing Fantasy #1 by Fiona Avery and Mark Brooks as part of the origin of Araña

    Major Story Arcs

    The New Hunters

    The Totem raises The Hunter
    The Totem raises The Hunter

    Miguel, the mage of the Spider Society, started a ritual to find the new Hunter when drones from the Wasps tried to stop him. Anya Corazón came to his defense and was struck down by one of the drones. Miguel decided to share his power to save her life, unlocking her potential to be the new Hunter. Believing they have lost, the Wasps try to raise their own Hunter, however, The Spider Society was able to stop the ritual, forcing the Wasps to wait a full year.

    "The Sisterhood of the Wasps make their grand entrance. Right on time, as always" -- Miguel.

    Angry, the Wasps started hiring outside help to take on Anya. First, there was the Egyptian assassin, Amun, who Anya was able to make friends with it and convince not to attack her or her loved ones. They also hired Jade, the man Anya thought killed her mother. She attempted to murder him, only to find out he wasn't the true killer.

    Unhappy with the progress made by their mage, Vincent, they desperately make plans to resurrect their hunter prematurely with a totem, a person of spiritual importance. At sunset, they successfully resurrect their Hunter from its cocoon, but the Spider Society, with Spider-Man, showed up and defeated it before Vincent could bond with it.


    Anya takes on the new drones
    Anya takes on the new drones

    When a virus spread across Manhattan granting residents Spider-Man-like powers, the Wasps believed it to be the doing of the Spider Society. They sent insect-human hybrid drones to attack the new spider-people, only to find themselves confronted by Anya, who now had spider-powers independent from the Spider Society. All the other heroes were so preoccupied with the Spider-People that the only other people who noticed the Wasps activity was Hobgoblin, Kingpin (who was one of the new Spider-People), and ninjas of The Hand.

    Anya couldn’t take these new hybrids alone so she entered a reluctant agreement with Kingpin and his minions. They were still pretty outmatched by the Hive Mother that was leading them. After retreating and strategizing, Hobgoblin took his opportunity to slay the Hive Mother.

    Edge of the Spider-Verse

    The Sisterhood started making plans to take on the spider-heroes yet again. The Sisterhood has itself a new Hunter in Delilah. She enslaves The Vermin to help her convert civilians in the park and shows up to a metal show to grandstand on stage, but with a heads up from Madame Web, Anya (now going by Araña again) was able to foil her both times.

    Shathra also started attacking Spider-Man counterparts across the spider-verse, transforming many of them to her new drones. Among them included Spiderling (now Hiveling), whom Shathra needed to reshape her Great Nest just as she rewove the Web of Life previously. Over the course of this crusade, she was able to unweave, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man, Kaine, and Spider-Boy. This also forced Morlun to side with the Spider-Totems and help them reclaim the totemic weapons that would give them an edge.

    Silk was able to use those weapons to end Shathra's plans and re-weave the heroes they once thought gone.


    Marvel Noir

    A member of the Sisterhood posed as a damsel in distress with amnesia to get the attention of Spider-Man Noir. She seduced him away from Mary Jane and led her to her distressed daughter, which was actually a Wasp Drone that stung and infected him.


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