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    Sister Sade was an intelligence officer in the Church of Blood. She worked on the island of Zandia in the Cathedral of Death, and was a sometimes lover of Brother Blood.

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    Sister Sade was born Helen Geary. From a young age she has suffered from an acute fear of snakes (ophidiophobia). Helen adopted the moniker Sister Sade when she fell in with the Church of Blood and its leader, Brother Blood. At some point the two became lovers.


    Sister Sade was created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez for DC Comics' The New Teen Titans. She made her first and only appearance in The New Teen Titans #28 - Terra in the night!, in 1983.

    Major Story Arcs

    In The New Teen Titans #28 Sister Sade is seen working on an elevated console within the Cathedral of Death on the island of Zandia. She decides whether or not incidents are reported to Brother Blood. Out of nowhere snakes wrap themselves around her arm and open their mouths to strike. None of the other security officials can do anything to help her, as none of them can see the snakes.

    It is later revealed that the snakes are conjured up by Sister Sade's imagination; the result of being attacked by Phobia of the Brotherhood of Evil. The narrator announces that her fear of snakes 'proves her undoing', and it is presumed that this means Sister Sade - like Sister Soul - is killed.


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