Sister Psyche

    Character » Sister Psyche appears in 19 issues.

    Sister Psyche is one of the most powerful psychics in Paragon City.

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    Major Story Arcs

    After the Rikti War, Shallice Tillman's body was damaged to the extent that she was forced to put her mind into the body of another superheroine, Aurora Borealis. Numina was eventually able to restore her to her original body, leaving Aurora Borealis severely weakened. Her husband sought assistance, and eventually both were restored.

    When Lord Recluse cast a ritual to remove the superpowers from Paragon City, her mind was split once more between herself and her former host. Upon being exposed to the Flame of Prometheus she was restored to her former self once more.

    When Manticore is suspended from the Freedom Phalanx, and approaches Lord Recluse, he is told to kidnap Sister Psyche to prove his worth. She is used to power a giant spider-like robot, and Lord Recluse almost succeeded, until Manticore revealed that he was a double agent. It is hinted during this time that Manticore and Sister Psyche have a strong attachment. However Sister Psyche tells Manticore that his feelings for her cannot be described as love. Unlike the other members of the Freedom Phalanx, Shallice knew the truth about Manticore's plan.

    In the end of Issue 20 Manticore fires a arrow with a engagement ring on it telepathically asking Sister Psyche to marry her in which she accepts. During the wedding an attack which is led by Lord Relcuse takes place. In the end the villains are defeated and Manticore and Sister Psyche are married.

    Powers and Abilities

    At a young age Sister Psyche's powers developed at an astonishing rate. The tremendous scope of her mental powers was far beyond that of any hero, past or present. By the time of the Rikti invasion, Sister Psyche's powers were very much matured. But even with such power she knew she would have to exert herself to ensure victory. She did, but at a price. She exhausted her powers so thoroughly that she fell into a coma. Aided by the heroine Aurora Borealis, she was able to recover her powers.

    • Levitation: Ability to lift objects, the scale of which has yet to be pushed to its limit.
    • Mesmerize: Psionic ability to induce sleep from a single target to mass of enemies.
    • Dominate: Hypnotise and control even the strongest of minds.
    • Psychic Shockwave: Devastating mental blast.
    • Energy Blasts: Various ranged and area energy blasts capable of inflicting damage and knocking enemies to their knees.
    • Force Field Generation: Personal force fields and to allies.
    • Flight: Sister Psyche has the ability to fly at moderate speeds.

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