Sister Nil

    Character » Sister Nil appears in 15 issues.

    One of the Dark Children of the Lilith. She was an enemy to Doctor Strange, but later became an ally and learned about humanity.

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    Sister Nil was one of the many Dark Children of the Lilith and was resurrected on earth. It was her job to infiltrate Doctor Strange's house, in witch she succeeded. She also drained the life-energy out of Imei Chang, the fiancee of Wong, Doctor Strange's servant. She was defeated by Doctor Strange, but soon reappeared. This time, more loosed from the bond Lilith had over her, she started getting feelings of affection and love for Doctor Strange, feelings she had never felt before. Doctor Strange tried helping Sister Nil with these new found emotions and even offered her shelter in his house. Nil soon became a more gentle entity, still feeling love for Doctor Strange, but jealousy towards Doctor Strange's love, Clea. At one point, Nil even almost sacrificed her life in order to safe Strange. After the fight, Strange completey freed Nil from her bond with Lilith. Soon afterwards she left Strange and her home, in order to search her place in the world and learn as much as she could about humanity. She has not been heard from since. 


    Sister Nil is a Marvel comic book character created by David Quinn and Melvin Rubi. Sister Nil first appears in Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #60 released in 1993.  

    Powers and Abilities

    Sister Nil is a Lilin and succubus. Her touch can cause death in living organic beings, and she possesses regenerative healing powers. She is long lived and highly resistant to conventional illnesses and disease. She has some mystical trained and knowledge tutored by Doctor Strange.     
    Physical Characteristics   
    Height: 5' 3" 
    Weight: 96 lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Black

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