Sister Midnight

    Character » Sister Midnight appears in 3 issues.

    A female Predator that assisted Sara Pezzini against Kenneth Irons and several Xenomorphs. She briefly wielded the Witchblade.

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    Story Arc


    Sister Midnight was part of a group of Predators from a doomed future that sought to stop that era's Kenneth Irons' attempt to overrun the Earth with Xenomorphs, which posed a serious threat to the universe at large. She and her comrades attempted to board Irons' ship, but automated defenses cut down her comrades while she herself just barely managed to get on-board the ship with her life.

    She soon tracked down Sara Pezzini and Jackie Estacado who Irons had brought onto the ship for his twisted plans. Sister Midnight found herself drawn to the Witchblade, to the point that she didn't even attack Sara at first. Later she even saved Sara and Jackie from a Xenomorph, although it seemed like she only did so in order to keep Sara from being killed by anyone other than herself. She then followed Sara and Jackie onto the escape shuttle they planned to leave Irons' ship with. Both Sara and Jackie were ready to defend themselves against her, but Sister Midnight had actually come to deal with a more dangerous prey: a Xenomorph born from a creature of the Darkness - the DarkAlien.

    The DarkAlien proved to be a fearsome foe, but after it was locked away into an airlock, Sister Midnight went to help herself to Sara's Witchblade. Sara tried to convince her that they needed to work together to defeat Irons, but Jackie interrupted the peace negotiation when he threatened to fire Sister Midnight's detached Plasma Caster. She cloaked herself and retreated for the moment, but later returned to assist Sara against the DarkAlien. When the DarkAlien began engulfing Sara and Jackie within itself however, the Witchblade transferred itself to Sister Midnight, and her efforts combined with Jackie's managed to destroy the DarkAlien. The Witchblade was then transferred back to Sara, allowing the two wielders to briefly link through it, and letting Sara know that the badly injured Sister Midnight still sought to end Irons' scheme for good. Per her wishes, Sara helped Sister Midnight set her self-destruct timer to go off. Taking off in the escape shuttle, Sara and Jackie saw Sister Midnight's self-destruct device destroy Irons' ship, thereby completing her mission to stop Irons while also giving her an honorable death in the eyes of her people.


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