Sister Blood

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    Sister Blood is a leader of the Church of Blood. She devised a scheme to 'bring the people of the world together' using Beast Boy's DNA.

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    Current Events

    Sister Blood has not been seen since her defeat in Teen Titans Annual #02. She was presumably arrested.


    Little is known of Sister Blood's origins. She refers to Brother Blood as her brother, but that could be a title used among members of the Church of Blood rather than indicative of a familial relation.


    Sister Blood was created by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Cory Smith in 2016. As of 2017 no other writers and artists have used Sister Blood in their stories.

    Major Story Arcs

    Sister Blood is the main antagonist in Teen Titans Annual #02. It is revealed that she purchased some of Beast Boy's blood from Professor Pyg with the ultimate aim of uniting the world as though it were a pack of animals, presumably under control of the Church of Blood. Sister Blood lures Beast Boy to an exclusive night club in order to extract more blood from him, but things don't go as planned and the Teen Titans end up discovering Sister Blood's lair and throne room. A fight breaks out and in the chaos she escapes. Beast Boy chases her down and almost chokes the life from her, but Tim Drake intervenes. He does end up knocking Sister Blood unconscious when she aims a weapon at him, and eventually dumps her body on top of a pile of her defeated acolytes. The Teen Titans resolve to bring the infected humans to S.T.A.R. Labs, but since Sister Blood showed no signs of transforming she was presumably simply arrested.


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