Sister Anne-Marie

    Character » Sister Anne-Marie appears in 26 issues.

    A former psychic, who is a friend of John Constantine. After the Newcastle affair she became a nun.

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    Anne-Marie was an amateur magician and psychic who befriended and developed a crush on John Constantine in the 1970's despite being in her forties and much older than John. She later became a nun.


    Sister Anne-Marie was created by Alan Moore first appearing in Saga of the Swamp Thing #37 (dated June 1985).

    Major Story Arcs


    Anne-Marie was one of the amateur magicians in John's "Newcastle Crew" who were present during the botched exorcism of Astra Logue. The demon Nergal badly scarred Anne-Marie during the ordeal (he initially appeared to her in the form of Constantine). His lasts words to her were from the play Hamlet "get thee to a nunnery".

    Swamp Thing

    Decades later, Anne-Marie (now a nun based in Washington) was the first victim of the Brujeria's plan to destroy the friends of John Constantine. She was attacked and killed by the creation the Invunche while she was traveling on the London Underground.

    Other Media



    Australian actress Claire van der Boom plays Sister Anne-Marie in episodes 8 & 9 of the NBC series Constantine. Much younger than her comic counterpart, the two were once romantically involved, though Anne-Marie felt betrayed when John didn't return her affections and pursued other women. She also was one of the people to introduce John to the world of the occult.

    Still angry with John after the Newcastle affair, she contacts him as a last resort when the demon Lamashtu began stealing babies from her convent in Mexico.


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