Sister Alani Adobo

    Character » Sister Alani Adobo appears in 16 issues.

    The leader of The Immaculate Ova Cult, a group that believes chicken and those who eat it will destroy the world.

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    Alani Adobo was the file clerk, deputy and administrative assistant for the police department for the Western Pacific island nation of Yamapalu. Her chief of police was ex-con man Raymond Kulolo, who ran away and left the island in disarray after he got his hands on Poyo.

    Civil war erupted on the island. She traded her life savings and several family heirlooms to buy passage on a smuggling boat, loaded with gallsaberries. Adrift for weeks and nothing to eat but gallsaberries, the other passenger descended into madness and turned on each other. Alani was the last on the boat to survive. For more than 40 days, she ate only gallsaberries. On the day of the final bite of the last remaining gallsaberry, a strange, alien message written in fire appeared in the sky. She then knew what she had to do.

    Dubbing herself Sister Alani Adobo, she became a radical cult leader who created the Immaculate Ova Cult. Her cult rallies against chicken, claiming it and those who consume it will be the downfall of the world, terrorizing those who eat and sell it.


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