Character » Sirkka appears in 5 issues.

    Sirkka beautiful & confident is the most sexually promiscuous of all the FreakAngels. Even going so far as to attempt to reinvent the sexual relationship, by creating a type of male female sex cult. Possessing the same abilities as the other Freak Angels with the emphasis on emotional manipulation/memory

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    Sirkka seems to be the most confident & relaxed of the FreakAngels. She acts as a voice of reason & morality when one of the FreakAngels goes rogue. She watch's their ethical behavior, keeping an eye on their use of telepathic powers.

    When Alice is holding a knife to Connor's throat, Sirkka forces her way into Alice's mind. She finds the compulsion set by Mark and frees Alice from it. Although Connor would of preferred to do the same thing, but with less invasion of the human mind.

    When Luke tries to telepathically control Janine, Sirkka feels something is wrong. Only Arkady's immediate intervention prevents Luke from going further.

    Sirkka is in love with Jack, a lone FreakAngel who scavenges flooded London for the things they need. Yet she will not give up her sex cult for him.


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