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    An evil mermaid, able to hypnotize men with her voice into doing anything she desires.

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    Character History

    Siren, also known as La Sirène la Bailene, is a minor Lwa, a vodou spirit. She comes from the gulf of Benin – a place where the vodou houngans praise the Lwa – and thus prefers warmer water. She is rumoured to have been born to a Vodou-Lwa and a mortal man who was possessed by a Guéde. In vodou-lore, the Guéde are the spirits of death and fertility. Over the course of her life, she has learned many languages, which she uses in her hypnotic songs. Other than that, there is not much known about her earlier life.

    Siren debuted in The Titans #5, where she uses her voice to induce hydrophobia in the people of Four Heroes, Maine. Damage, Argent and Tempest investigate the strange occurences, fthe latter dismissing the occurences as "curve balls life throws". He then happens to come across Siren, who is walking through town. It is not the green skin and the scales that tip off Tempest in but the fact that Siren smells of saltwater, while the rest of the village is scared to death of water. Upon being confronted, Siren calls Tempest a traitor to the ocean and flees, seducing Damage into freeing her from a block of ice Tempest trapped her in. She escapes by instilling hydrophobia in Damage and Argent, leaving Tempest to save his teammates. Siren was unable to instill fear in Tempest because there was no fear to enhance, seeing as he comes from the water. The Titans finally manage to capture Siren, cure Four Heroes of hydrophobia and hand the villain over to the DEO. However, before she reaches a prison, she is freed by Vandal Savage and recruited to be part of Savage's short-lived team Tartarus.

    Her next appearance took place in Young Justice #50 where Young Justice invaded Zandia. She was tasked to stop the first wave of the attacking teenage heroes and successfully hypnotized Lagoon Boy, promising to make a man out of him. She is quickly stopped by Jayna of the Wonder Twins.

    After that she is seen in Infinite Crisis in which she joined the Secret Society Of Super Villains.

    Powers and abilites

    Siren has the ability to hypnotize people with her songs. This power appears to be limited by a language barrier and in order to instill fear in her victims, they must have some sort of basic and dormant fear in them.

    In addition to that, Siren is able to turn her fish tail into a pair of legs, thus enabling her to walk on land.


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