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    A demigod daughter of Zeus.

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    A child of Zeus and a mortal woman from Palestine, she watched a vengeful Hera tear apart her mother before trying to tear her apart as well. She was reduced to nothingness but because of her divine lineage she was not so easily killed and her father later returned her to her current state as a wind elemental.

    Despite her appearance as that of a child, it is worth noting that Siracca was slain by Hera in 1912, so her true age is over a hundred years.


    Her first appearance was in Wonder Woman #13 in 2012.

    Character Evolution

    In her short exposure to Wonder Woman she went from aggressive foe to understanding ally.

    Major Story Arcs

    Wonder Woman is searching for the child of Zola and Zeus after it has been kidnapped by Hermes. She is informed by Lennox to seek out other children of Zeus that have been born in the same century. This takes her to Libya where he searches for her half-sister Siracca. After confronting her the two battle as Siracca recounts Hera's rage at her mother. Eventually Siracca and Diana reconcile their differences and Siracca uses her power to listen on the wind for leads on where Hermes could be hiding, but he was hidden from her. Instead she directs Diana to New York City to find another sibling, Milan.

    Powers and Abilities

    She has control over wind and can use it to move objects and fly.

    But so far her seemingly most important ability is to be able to hear everything that is spoken into the wind, giving her information she's shared with Lennox, leading to his current association with Wonder Woman. The natural limitation of this gift however is that she cant hear things spoken in places where the wind doesn't blow.


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