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    Martha Paterson was a young woman who hated being weak and soft. She had experiments done to her body giving her heightened reflexes, durability, and strength; these experiments also made her look like a giant of a man.

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    Growing up, Martha Paterson believed that all women were soft and weak. She therefore underwent a radical procedure to transform herself into a man, a process that included enormous muscle grafts, hormone treatments, and even a memory block. However, for reasons unknown, Martha ran away before the surgery was completed. Mentally unbalanced, she called herself "Sir" and began a crime spree against women.


    Sir was created by J.M. DeMatteis and Ron Wagner. She first appeared in 1995's Daredevil #345.

    Major Story Arcs


    Not long after the start of her mysogynistic crimes, Sir crossed paths with Daredevil. She admired his power and wished to take his place; to that end, she rendered him unconscious and stripped him of his costume. Later resuming his pursuit of Sir in his old yellow costume, Daredevil managed to deduce Sir's secret history. Confronted with the truth of who she was caused Martha to have a mental breakdown, and she admitted to a mental institute.


    Martha later escaped the institution, and became an operative for Norman Osborn (the Green Goblin) to fight Spider-Man. It was later revealed that Doctor Angst, an agent of Osborn, had been behind the procedure that made her into Sir.

    Powers and Abilities

    Sir is a person of considerable physical build and strength. Although not really superhuman, her strength and endurance are far above that of most average people.


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