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The first known Black Knight was Sir Percy of Scandia who lived during the 6th century. He was recruited by Merlin to become the Black Knight. He is the eighth Black Knight, the eight before him got corrupted by the Ebony Blade, but Percy was not. He was one of the Knights of the Round Table and he was constantly trying to find evidence of Mordred treachery. After the fall of Camelot, Mordred and his men created a dagger from the Starstone meteorite. Mordred's men killed Sir Percy with the dagger. Merlin then cast a spell on Sir Percy's spirit so it will live on by casting a spell that will revive his ghost.


Black Knight was created by Stan Lee and artist Joe Maneely and first appeared in The Black Knight #1.

Major Story Arcs


The Black Knight
The Black Knight

Mordred eventually kills Percy at Castle Scandia during the fall of Camelot. He is stabbed with a blade that is made from the same material as the Ebony Blade that he uses. Merlin casts a spell that keeps Percy's spirit alive and his ghost will be revived in the event that Mordred returns.

Percy's spirit does appear several times in order to aid his descendant, Dane Whitman, who is one of many who takes up his mantel. He is later released from the mortal plane by Doctor Strange.

He has appear in the story arcs of "The Menace Of Modred The Evil!", "Excalibur", "The Crusader", and "The Abduction of King Arthur!" in The Black Knight comic series.

Powers and Abilities

The Black Knight had no superhuman powers. He was a great knight and possessed all the skills of combat that a knight should have. He was a master swordsman and horseback rider. He was also a talented poet, singer, and musician. He played the lute. As long has held the Ebony Blade he was invulnerable to physical harm, except for weapons that with the same metal as the blade.

Alternate Version

Marvel Zombies

In the Earth -555 version Sir Percy he is the son of knight Sir Danel and the pagan Lady Evaine and the fact that the church of Rome was killing non-christian was forever tormenting him. So when he found a book that promised to make his dreams come true he was easily suduced. He unwitingly unleashed an undead army on to his beloved country. It was Swift Cloud, who finally rescued him and show him what the book was truely doing.


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