Sir Isaac Newton

    Character » Sir Isaac Newton appears in 166 issues.

    One of the greatest and most popular scientist of all time, Sir Isaac Newton changed the world with his discoveries.

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    Isaac Newton appears as one of the main characters in Marvels S.H.I.E.L.D. and Doctor Strange & Sorcerers Supreme series.


    Appears in Red Seas and Defoe thrills.


    As a boy, Sir Newton made a windmill that could grind corn and wheat, he also created a water clock.

    Issac Newton also created a kind of math we call now, a calculus.

    Still, Sir Isaac Newton with such a curious mind studied the sciences of optics. By doing so, he discovered the prisms of light. And discovered that white light decomposes to different spectrums of lights and that a variety of colored spectrum can recompose back to a white light spectrum.

    He has also invented a special telescope allowing the user to see the prisms of light. We call it a "Reflecting Telescope "

    The famous Three Laws of Newton:

    (His first law) "An object tends to remain in motion unless an external force stops it."

    (Second law) An object moves in a straight line unless some force diverts it;

    (Third law) And for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    This is only a few of Sir Isaac Newtons discoveries and scientific principles that modern scientist still apply now.


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