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Sir Derek Sutler was created by writer John Ney Rieber and artist Peter Snejbjerg in The Books of Magic, issue 17, 1995.

Major Story Arcs

Sir Derek is a wealthy composer who lives in a well-staffed mansion. He is working on his "magnum opus," but seems to be having trouble.

He goes to a cemetery, where Sister Staylace and Jimmy Morehead's mom already wait. They have all made a habit if picking the strawberries that grow on the grave of Mary Hunter, Tim's mom. Tim planted the seeds, which he got from Death, there long ago.

Now they bear the memories of Mary. Jimmy's mom uses them to remember Jimmy's life. Sister Staylace (Gwendolyn) makes them into preserves, so she can eventually give them to Tim.

Sir Derek, however, uses them to get inspiration for his music. Sister Staylace is not only angry at him for wasting the memories, which Tim will never be able to experience, but because he is essentially plagiarizing his music, which he plans to make about a boy who only gets to know his mother after his death.

Gwendolyn says that he needs the berries because his own soul is so bitter and parched he would never get his own ideas. He has no response.

Years later, in an alternate world created by Tim Hunter, Sir Timothy Hunter is beginning to wake up from under the demon Barbatos's influence. Sir Timothy has been living on the street, and has recently created a living shopping cart, Jeeves, to carry his money around for him.

Sir Timothy runs into Sir Derek Sutler, who is also now homeless. Sir Timothy, recognizing Sutler because he liked Sutler's music as a boy, gives Jeeves and his money to Sutler. He tells Jeeves to check Sutler into a nice hotel and look after him, and leaves.


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