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    Character » Sir Crocodile appears in 141 issues.

    A former hero of Arabasta, Crocodile can control and turn into sand, as well as absorb moisture from any material. He was the mastermind behind Baroque Works. He has the logia type Sand-Sand Fruit (Suna Suna no Mi) and his codename in Baroque Works was Mr. 0, with Nico Robin being his partner in the organization. He was a member of the Shichibukai. The long scar across his face is an injury he received as a result of his fight with Whitebeard.

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    Crocodile is an enourmus man, 253 cm (8'3'') tall, with a wide chest, broad shoulders, muscular arms and legs and thick neck. He's 44 years old, and among others future members of he Shichibukai, he witnessed the execution of Gold D. Roger.  
    Becoming the new Pirate King was his childhood dream, but as time went by, though, he grew in power and experience, and lost sight of the importance of dreams or trust in one another. 
    Among the Seven Warlords, he's the one with the second lowest bounty (81.000.000 Berry), although had his bounty represented his threat level at the time he met Luffy, it would have more than doubled. He is very intelligent and cunning (one of the smartest in the series), which is apparent from his ability to mastermind Baroque Works while at the same time keep the World Government completely in the dark about what he was doing, while making himself a hero of the people.

    He also has a skill for making flawless plans and seeing things that would escape most others attention, and deduce a correct conclusion from nearly no information. 


    Crocodile was once care free and optimistic, and it was stated by Crocodile himself that he was not much different from Luffy once, and he also wanted to become the Pirate King and have adventures. As time went by, he grew in power and experience and his once optimistic outlook faded. Crocodile came to let go of his dreams, eventually becoming one of the Shichibukai.


     At some point, either before he became one of the Shichibukai or after, Crocodile learned of a weapon called Pluton, and became very interested in it.

    Crocodile secretly started a mysterious group, called Baroque Works. Being careful not to attract too much attention to himself, he gathered some of the best bounty hunters in the world, and gave them code names based on power. His plan the whole time was to capture Arabasta and read the Poneglyph there to find the ancient weapon, Pluton, and gain what he desires, Military Power.

    It is known that he found Nico Robin at the age of 24, and made a deal with her. He would protect her and give her a home, and she would be his partner. In return, Robin will read the Poneglyph and find the location of Pluton. After years of planning, all the Baroque Works agents finally met Sir Crocodile, and were given their final assignments.

    Crocodile, fighting and defeating Luffy twice, nearly killing him each time, finally believed himself to be rid of Luffy. Nico Robin and Crocodile were brought to the Poneglyph Chamber in the Royal Mausoleum Grounds by the king, Cobra, who was forced to lead them there. Crocodile was betrayed by Robin who reads off history she knows, of both Arabasta and other points in the world. Luffy caught up, and finally defeated Sir Crocodile, with a super version of his Gatling Gun, Gomu Gomu no Storm. With that came the end of Baroque Works, and Crocodile.

    Tashigi, going by her own justice as Captain Smoker ordered, arrested Sir Crocodile, who was stripped of all titles and permissions granted by the Marines and the World Government.

    He was taken to a prison with the Baroque Works members. Eventually Miss Goldenweek broke him and the other officer agents out but he refused to go (Mr.1 choose to stay with him), and instead stay behind enjoying one of his cigars smiling as he watches his former agents escape. Crocodile, Mr. 1 and the newly imprisoned Mr. 2 and Mr. 3 were taken to Impel Down, the world's greatest prison.
    Once in Impel Down, Crocodile was deemed too threatening to be housed in any visible level, instead taken to Level Six, where he was mostly in isolation. However, he was found by Luffy when he came to Level Six in order to free Ace, his brother. Crocodile was instantly recognized by Imperio Ivankov, who had known Crocodile in his youth. Luffy's crew freed him, realizing that he was the only one who could open the locked door by way of his dehydrating touch. Once he and Luff's crew had started a riot, Crocodile went out of his way on his own to Level Four of Impel Down. Once there he knocked out the guards and found Mr. 1, rewarding his loyalty by opening Mr. 1's cell to free him. From there, both Crocodile and Mr. 1 met up with Jinbei the Fisherman, from whom Crocodile got the idea to create a raft powered by Jinbei's swimming. After he and Mr. 1 defeated the entire crew of a Marine Destroyer by themselves, then used it to catch the falling prisoners sent flying by Imperio. 
    Crocodile is then seen arriving in Mariejois, the base of the Marines. There he met up with Luffy and decided to fight on neither the Marines or the pirates sides, and tries to find Whitebeard in order to rechallenge him, as he supposedly lost to him a long time ago. Crocodile also is met by Boa Hancock, but  he is one of the few men able to resist her beauty. He is currently involved in the massive Marine-Pirate battle. 
    After the War, he plans to finally travel to the New World, along side with his henchmen, Mr. 1.

    Powers & Weapons

    Unlike any other character in the series, Crocodile has mastered his Devil Fruit, the Suna Suna no Mi. He has honed it to the point of perfection where he can turn into sand reflexively if attacked, and while in a desert area his powers make him unbeatable. Crocodile has the ability to create huge sand storms, make multiple bladed weapons out of sand, create quick sand and, by using his hand, to suck all moisture out any object living, dead and even non-living objects. 
    In addition, Crocodile is also formidable in hand-to-hand combat. He fought using only his hook for most of his third match with Luffy, and only resorted to his Devil fruit powers near the end when things weren't going in his favor. 
    The golden part of the hook is empty and can be taken off to expose a poisonous hook with scorpion venom hidden inside of it. In the event that this hook becomes damaged, there is a knife hidden underneath that can be used in its place.

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