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If they ever thought of this roster, the Sinister Six woulda killed Spidey by now.

  • RHINO would be able to beat him up enough to warm him up for the rest
  • SHOCKER blasts the beaten up Spidey across the room or area
  • HYDRO-MAN soaks Spidey while ELECTRO blasts him with electricity, blowing him sky-high
  • VULTURE flies into the air as Spidey's blown sky-high, then punches him hard enough to knock him to the ground
  • LIZARD then finishes Spidey... forever

Dont worry, theres ways Spidey could beat e'm and save the day or whatever.

  • FIRST he webs onto Rhino's horn and pulls him forward, then jumps out of the way as Rhino runs into some building
  • SECOND he dodges all Shocker blasts, then jumps into the air, webs onto Shocker, pulls him into the air, then knocks him to the ground
  • THIRD he lands and immediately kicks Electro into Hydro-Man, resulting into the two exploding
  • FOURTH he webs onto Vulture, who is in the air, and pulls him to the ground so hard Vulture slams onto the ground and is knocked out
  • LASTLY Spider-Man webs onto the Lizard and pulls on the webs as hard as he can, sending Lizard flying into the air and landing on the ground so hard he gets knocked out

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