Superior Six... Maybe

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I predict that possibly after getting kicked off the Avengers for being a major d!ck, Otto will form his own team. It'll probably have Alpha if it happens. I know it sounds a little Dark Avengersy but who else do you think Otto would put on this team if he did this. Remember it can't be outright villains. Who would be your choice for the Superior spider-man's six member team

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I thought of something similar, when I heard the news about the reappearance of Alpha under the "superior" guidance of SpOck.

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 I've had a certain idea regarding SSM lately. Probably because of my reading of Hickman's FF/Batman Inc. I've grown to enjoy books and storylines that focus more on "organizations" rather then direct teams or solo characters. The idea I've had would be that Octavius (to prove himself a better Spider-Man) would become more than a hero: he would have to become a symbol and a visionary.  The idea may be a bit stupid or just PIS but I believe I'd be interesting to see him gather characters such as Doom, Hela, Norman Osborn (the dialogue writes itself, I'd love to see Octo deal with Peter's greatest adversary), Sphinx and basically, some of Marvel's heavy hitters that stand on a more or less neutral ground. "The Web" as I envision it would then be something like "Earth's TRUE Mightiest Heroes" and act in a somewhat underground and controversial fashion when compared to the likes of the Avengers but willing to take measures and actions that have definitive impact upon the world. I'd be a classic "How far would you be willing to go?" book that could have tremendous possibilities for the MU. Either that, or I'm overthinking this stuff.

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Well since he's trying to be a good guy now I don't think he would pick 5 villains to be part of his Superior Six as you call it... unless he tricks some villains into doing it. Remeber, he's the only one who knows he's Otto...

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I would love to see the return of Cloak and Dagger in comics, and as they have a history with Spiderman, they could fit well into this idea. The fact that they tend to exist outside the normal perameters of superheroes could work well. Together, they could act as the team's transport and healer, respectively.

I'd suggest Black Cat, who seems to switch between being a villain and a hero every time she appears, so would have no problem pushing the limits of what's acceptable for heroes to do, and would make a good love-interest Superior Spiderman (better than Mary Jane, ugh). She would also fill the espionage/spy-master role usually filled in Avengers by figures like Black Widow, Fury, etc.

I agree the Alpha would be a good choice, as he would be an excellent powerhouse of the group (I'm seeing him as a combination of Thor and Hulk's role), and there is already the foundations of a good teacher/student relationship there.

As for the sixth member... I don't know. Maybe Morbius, who would introduce the more supernatural elements of the Marvel Universe, and would thus act as a foil for the highly scientific Octavius? Or Striker from Avengers Academy (I know that he has nothing to do with Spiderman, but he's all about fame and fortune, and could see this as an oportunity to get in the spotlight if this were a more high-profile group)? Or perhaps even a member of the Slingers (Ricochet, Hornet, Dusk, or Prodigy), who all have a connection with Spiderman?

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