Sinister & Savage Six, whats next?

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Spider-Man has had a wide range of villains in his rogue gallery. In the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, The Sinister Six are back and causing some problems for the Earth and the Avengers. In Venom, Crime Master has formed the Savage Six. I think its interesting that two Superheroes with Spider powers has six villains willing to team up to kill them or accomplish some other goals. Then again, the Sinister Six has also been the Sinister Seven, Sinister Syndicate and Sinister Tweleve.

If Kaine were to get six villains that don't like him, would they come together and form a six man team?

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haha it is awfully coincidental that both spiderman and venom would both be having to deal with Six villains grouped together at the same time!

but i mean if six villains were to fight scarlett spider who would it be. spiderman pretty much took most of the a list. venom took the b guessing scarlett spider takes c-list? lol

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Sinister Seven

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