Anti-Hero Sinister Six

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With all of the anti heroes running around and getting popular nowadays I thought it was about time Sinister Six got a foil,,,, who isn't Spider-man.

The Team: 

Doc Ock replacement: Doc Ock's Son - He starts the new team after he learns that he is the son of Doc ock and finds a copy of Ock's arms so decides to use them for good. Eventually though he decides to just be an anti-hero after killing numerous villains be accident. I was thinking his name could be something like "Man of War" or "The Nautilus"

Sandman replacement: Sandman (in a new getup) - He will be the one who starts the group with Doc Ock's son after he leaves the Sinister Six because they threatened his kids life.

Mysterio replacement: Jack O' Lantern - In the red and purple Mysterio outfit. He gets payed to join the team

Electro replacement: Magnetic Man - He gets upgraded from working at Horizon so now he has boots that give him super speed and flight, also his magnetic gloves are stronger and can control electricity. He joins because his friend (Ock's son) who is also a scientist asks him to join.

Kraven replacement: Alyosha Kravinkoff - He gets paid to join

Vulture replacement: Adrian Toomes or Blackie Drago. Toomes story could be that he pities Sandman since he has a family of his own and decides to join. Drago's could be that after trying his best to upgrade the Vulture suit while he was lost in obscurity, he finally accomplishes that task and makes it more powerful than before. He joins the team in hope that they will run into Vulture so he can kill him once and for all.

Rhino replacement: ??? Maybe Armadillo?

What do you think of this team?

Who should replace Rhino.. what should Ock's sons name be?

What team would you like to see fight Spider-man & friends?

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The Great BAMBOO says

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Is this supposed to be like a Marvel version of the Secret Six?

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@fodigg: I suppose, except that Ocks son wants to be a hero, so he doesn't try to kill and gets pissed if someone does.

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