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    Mysterious being who arrived to Arcadia from the sky during Secret Wars. She quickly befriended Nico Minoru.

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    Singularity was discovered by Nico Minoru, aka Sister Grimm, after falling from the sky and landing in Arcadia during Secret Wars. The two immediately became friends.

    Singularity doesn't speak much, but what little she does say is genuine and innocent. She is playful with her new found friends, but she can also be a fierce opponent in battle.

    A-Force in Arcadia

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    Loki (female incarnation, and adoptive mother to Nico) first assumes Singularity was conjured by by Nico, but after learning the nature of Singularity's origin, Loki demands she be taken to the A-Force for inspection. They are suspicious of her connection to other portals that have brought danger into Arcadia, but she soon proves her worth by helping to save members of the A-Force multiple times.

    Singularity helps members of the A-Force escape the Thor Corps (the police force of Battleworld) during a misunderstanding. She allows them to hide inside herself and then releases them once they are in a discreet location.

    It is there they learn Singularity was once a shapeless cosmic entity, but was able to learn by watching the A-Force. They also learn that the origin of the mysterious portals was actually Loki herself, and use Singularity's storage ability, but this time for a surprise attack.

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    They are able to take-down Loki, but not before Loki casts one final spell and breaks a hole in the wall protecting Arcadia from a horde of zombies. Singularity sees this situation and wishes to protect her new friends. She flies straight into the horde of undead and pulls them all into herself and up into the sky, where she then self-detonates and saves all the inhabitants of Arcadia.

    Singularity then becomes lost somewhere in the cosmos, but she will always remember her friends.

    A-Force on Earth

    Powers and Abilities

    Rapid learning

    Teleportation of self and others in close proximity

    Portal creation

    Self-sustained flight

    Storing people and objects within herself and later releasing them unharmed

    Creating a gravity vortex

    Energy blasts

    Other Appearances


    Marvel Future Fight

    Singularity in Marvel Future Fight
    Singularity in Marvel Future Fight

    Singularity is a playable character in the game. She is a universal type, and her description in the game says: The A-Force discovered the cosmological being Singularity when she fell from the sky in a bright flash of light. She is a pocket universe that gained self-consciousness and ultimately chose a female identity in her pursuit to understand the human race. She possesses a mysterious ability to move between different worlds and dimensions.

    Marvel Avengers Academy

    Singularity in Avengers Academy
    Singularity in Avengers Academy

    Singularity is a playable character in the game, introduced in the "A-Force" Event. Her recruiment task is "Got Singularity!. She is voiced by Rochelle Chiang.


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    • Singularity was featured in the Marvel Legends A-Force box set from Hasbro.

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