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I'm outraged! ...yet... intrigued.

The Guardians of the Universe are too arrogant for their own good...

The Corps is caught off-guard by a deadly threat...

Hal Jordan refuses the offered help of his fellow heroes...

A madman threatens the universe to forward his own twisted beliefs of what is right...

Kyle Rayner gets the shaft...

So what's new, right?

Well, having one of the best writers DC Comics has to offer, Geoff Johns, as well as one of the best artists in Ethan Van Sciver (anyone remember Cyberfrog?) on a Green Lantern story is certainly not new; but having them both appear to be at the very top of their game while on a GL story is, I think.

It's not often I'm motivated to go back and flip through a comic again immediately just to look at the imagery, but reading this special was one of those times. Often books that are set on a cosmic stage tend to bore me visually, but Van Sciver's backgrounds are gorgeously detailed. And if someone can pay that much attention to the stuff that's in the background, just imagine what he can do with the action in the foreground. And he does.

Characterization is great as well. Johns makes Sinestro a very interesting character and continues to move him away from the usual evil villain cookie-cutter shape into a very convincing man with a mission.

So did I close the book with a satisfied sigh and a smile? No way dude. I was seriously pissed. I'm not gonna say exactly why since I'd rather you read the book yourself, but the last 8 or 9 pages were terribly disturbing to me.

So why give it four stars? Because I was moved enough to be angry about the events happening there on the page. Evidence that this book is a product of two masters of their craft putting the best they have onto paper.

Can't say say I'm convinced this entire event will be as good as it's beginning, but boy what a beginning.

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