Sinclair Batson

    Character » Sinclair Batson appears in 17 issues.

    Sinclair Batson is the cousin to Billy Batson, Captain Marvel. A businessman turned monster, Mr. Mind used him as a host for a time while planning an invasion.

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    A demonic construct created when Ebeneezer Batson made a deal with Lady Blaze for a son, Sinclair became a businessman and realtor, and later became a host for the alien worm Mr. Mind. He left Fawcett for ten years returning to visit his father. After the events of Underworld Unleashed and Lady Blaze's battle with the Marvel Family she was sealed in the rock of Eternity cancelling Ebeneezer's contract and leaving Sinclair burnt but still alive.


    After he was left burnt, he was taken to a hospital and under the orders of his father, Sinclair was pumped full of growth hormones, turned into a hulking monster and let loose on the Marvel Family in a bid for revenge. He was defeated and imprisoned. Sinclair later worked for Lady M as muscle in exchanged for neuro-derm skin treatments to heal his scarred body.


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