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By The Angry Comic Book Critic
        Let me just say until I saw The Dark Knight this was the best live action comic film out there. It was gritty dark and was horrifying at points to watch being a dude here's a hint as to ready? Okay....BRUCE WILLIS CASTRATES A GUY!!!! That's right the biggest bad ass in the history of action films ripped a guys nuts off like they were wet tissue paper....I still cringe just thinking about it. This film brings together some of the Biggest names in Hollywood I mean you got Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Clive Owen, Josh Harnet, Michael Clark Ducan and even Mr. Frodo himself Elijah Wood and thank Christ he doesn't whip out his precious....yeah that ring of power was annoying....What you people thought I meant something else? You got some sick minds people SICK!!! So lets dive right in and review this in the original Sin City and I do mean Las Vegas.
        Okay for those of you who don't already know this outside of Watchmen this is one of the closest films out there that is a shot for shot remake of the comics that it's based off of and it stays true to Frank Millar's source material that's probably because he co-directed this with Robert Rodrigez smart move Frank smart move. Now this film had it's ups and downs like the majority of anthology films but overall it kept me in engadged with some of my favorite Sin City Stories like The Hard Goodbye, That Yellow Bastard and the cameo's with Josh Harnet as the Salesman the only one I didn't really care for was the BIG FAT KILL not cause it was poorly done or anything but because I never cared for the Story even in the comics I just found it kinda dull despite the intense violence and all the hookers....hookers awesome. The Hard Goodbye now that was a great one Mickey Rourke was born to play the role of Marv he's got that subtle acting ability matched perfectly with hard core fighting ability and is all around great but the villain for the story really shined and gave me new found respect for Elijah Wood cause after this he was no longer that little hobbit bastard Frodo he was Kevin the single most bad ass killer in Noir comics and this guy was a sick little freak he actually ate people and mounted their heads on a wall....creepy. However while The Hard Goodbye was good by far my favorite story in this film has to be That Yellow Bastard it was Bruce Willis at his best cop performance since die hard and the ending was really rewarding he kill a pedophile child murderer by ripping his balls off and pounding his head into paste it was intense sadly Bruce has to die to save the girl. Now the entire film is in black and white save for a few shots but unless your one of those people who hate black and white films its not a problem if anything it adds to the noir feel of the film.
        I'm The Angry Comic Book Critic and this film earns the stamp of perfection.
Sin City

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