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Riding The Dark Train To The Town Without Pity 0

It's a gut wrenching heartbreak for a comic book fan. Hollywood has finally decided to make a movie of your favorite comic book series, and you're always of two minds. On one hand, it'll be neat to see those characters you've spent years of your life with put to flesh and blood and projected up on the big screen. Considering what they can do with CGI nowadays, you just know the special effects are gonna kick butt, too. On the other hand, there's so many years worth of back story, so many guest ...

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By The Angry Comic Book Critic         Let me just say until I saw The Dark Knight this was the best live action comic film out there. It was gritty dark and was horrifying at points to watch being a dude here's a hint as to ready? Okay....BRUCE WILLIS CASTRATES A GUY!!!! That's right the biggest bad ass in the history of action films ripped a guys nuts off like they were wet tissue paper....I still cringe just thinking about it. This film brings together some of the Biggest names in ...

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