Sin City: The Big Fat Kill » 5 issues

    Volume » Published by Dark Horse Comics. Started in 1994.

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    This is Frank Miller's third installment of the Sin City epic.

    The Big Fat Kill, is about a war between The Cops, Old Town and The Mob.

    A off duty Cop (Jack Rafferty) gets chased into Old Town with his four friends, while he is there he attempts to pick up a off duty prostitute, she tells him that she works the day shift and that him and his mates should go down to a local strip joint he points his gun at her and tells her to get in the car.

    Deadly little Miho takes "care" of them. when searching the bodies they find an "Atom Bomb" jackyboy was a COP.

    Their is a truce between the Cops, The Mob and Old Town, The Girls can "enforce their own type of "law and Order' the Cops can get any girl for free, because the girls are armed and dangerous the mob have backed off.

    "No Cop gets killed in old town, if they are not looking for what the girls were selling, they would send them packing, but they would send them alive. That was the rules, that was the truce"

    Someone rats. Now it is a race to find the head of Lt. Jack Rafferty. it is up to Dwight McCarthy and the Girls from Old Town to get the Head before the Mob.


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