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Lisa finds her self in a load of trouble when tries tto do an unsupervised load of laundry. Bart meets a new friend from way out of town. On a lazy day, Bart and Milhouse make a fort out of a refrigerator box. And finally, Uter displays his penchant for physics as he teams up with Bart on the playground.

1. Mr. Bart Krabappel! (written by Tom Peyer)

Mrs Karbappel moves into the Simpsons house! Will Bart get detention or grounded?

2. Willie and the Weasels (starring Groundskeeper Willie / written by Mary Trainor)

Willie was a member of the Weasels, Scotland's answer to the Beatles.

3. Burger Meister (written by Chuck Dixon)

Bart and Homer compete in a Krusty Burger contest.


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