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Flip book w/ "Homer Simpson's Pathetic Pal, Barney Gumble #1." Cover art by Bill Morrison. The Purple Prose of Springfield, script by Andrew Gottlieb, pencils by Luis Escobar, inks by Tim Bavington; Lisa becomes a bestselling author after Bart changes her diary. 114 things that Matt Groening likes that other people say they hate. Tim Bavington biography. Asleep at the Well, script by Bill Morrison, pencils by Stephanie Gladden, inks by Tim Bavington; Barney spends a day at Moe's Tavern.

  1. The Purple Prose of Springfield
  2. 114 Things I Like That Other People Say They Hate (full text article by Matt Groening)
  3. Junk Mail (letters column)
  4. Bongo Profile: Tim Bavington
  5. Homer Simpson's Pathetic Pal Barney Gumble #1
  6. Asleep at the Well (with a special guest appearance by Cliff Claven of Cheers fame)

"My Diary"


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