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If it is February, it must be time for...Christmas?! Grampa gets his seasons confused and begins to spin some twisted yuletide tales much to the confusion of the children of Springfield. But a little holiday cheer at the wrong time of the year turns out be a pleasant surprise for Bart and his friends. 'Tis the season to be jolly this February!

1. Homer for the Holidays (written by Ian Boothby)

Grampa Simpson tells Christmas stories in his own special, not quite factual way. Which ones? Read on...

2. Bart the Red-Nosed Reindeer (written by Ian Boothby)

...you would even say it glows.

3. Frostee the Snowmom (written by Ian Boothby)

This snow-mom (Marge) is more like a snow-nag... Will the kids at Burn's Orphanage still love her?

4. The Gift of the Maggie (written by Ian Boothby)

Even arch-enemies Maggie Simpson and Gerald exchange gifts over the holidays

5. Jingle Bells, Bartman Smells (written by Ian Boothby)

Can Bartman stop Gil from robbing Christmas?

6. Tree's Company (written by Ian Boothby)

Can Homer find the right tree for the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant?

7. The Simpsons Rock! (The Bongo Beat)

Shows the upcoming Rolling Stone covers with the Simpsons and gives the musical guests on the show.

8. Junk Mail (letters and fan art)


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