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Homer, Lenny and Carl think they will be living the sweet life when they all opt for Mr. Burns' early retirement plan. However, they soon discover that this "golden parachute" does not have a silver lining, and Mr. Burns' tropical island retirement community is for the birds... literally! Kick Back with Simpsons Comics #72 in July!

1. Homer's Run (written by Ian Boothby)

Barts busts a church window that costs $2K, so the Simpsons have to live on a tight budget again. So of course Bart gets a pet falcon, but luckily it was free. Lenny and Carl join the Simpson family (don't ask), and Homer decides to retire and his family will go to the Hawaiian islands, but the island they go to is a garbage island owned by Mr. Burns. Not only that, Lenny and Carl try to kill Homer so they can marry Marge. Also Bart's falcon and and a bunch of seagulls start eating their garbage island. What will they do?

2. The Secret Origin of Sideshow Mel! (written by Gail Simone)

Did you know Mel used to be a race car driver? So how did he run into Krusty?


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