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Living in the shadow of your older sibling can be hard, but it's even harder when your name is Sideshow Cecil, and that sibling is Bart Simpson's vengeance-swearing, psychotic arch-nemesis, Sideshow Bob! Playing second banana to an evil criminal mastermind who formerly played second banana to a clown is about as low as you can get. Aha! But to kill Bart Simpson! To succeed where your more infamous brother failed, that would finally settle the score... or would it? Suppose you chose your own arch-enemy... your brother's foe's sister... Lisa Simpson? Join us in June for a twisted tale of jealousy and revenge with a touch of self-respect.

1. Simpsons/Sideshow Sibling Smackdown (written by Ian Boothby)

Both Lisa and Cecil, sideshow Bob's brother, feel down because nobody cares what they accomplished. When Cecil is let out of jail, he decides to get out of brother's shadow and do what Bob couldn't do: Kill Bart! But feeling that would be too much of him being a copycat, he decided to go after Lisa instead! But first he makes her life horrible by doing things like closing the library and having music banned in school. Can Bart and Lisa find out what's going on before it's to late?

2. Recipe for Disaster (written by Jesse McCann, Seran Williams)

Marge has a dream that she will be kicked out of her church for bad cooking. So, Homer gets her a cookbook to help her to become a better baker. Will the congregation find out that there's beer in some of the recipes?


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