Simpsons Comics #68

    Simpsons Comics » Simpsons Comics #68 - Merchants of Vengeance! released by Bongo on March 2002.

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    Enraptured by his never-ending compulsion for conquest, Mr. Burns takes on Reverend Lovejoy and the Springfield Community Church. It starts with a simple sponsorship and leads to the expulsion of its most steadfast parishioner, Ned Flanders. Will Ned Flanders' crisis of faith lead him down the road to perdition? Who can stop Mr. Burns' quest for the ultimate spiritual power? There'll be hell to pay if no one steps forward to stop this diabolical scheme!

    1. "Merchants of Vengeance!" (written by Ian Boothby) There's been a wave of shoplifting in Springfield, so store owners Apu, Comic Book Guy, and Ned become vigilantes.
    2. "Dr. Nick Riviera in Crime Family Practice" (written by Dan Fybel) Can Dr. Nick help Fat Tony?



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