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Who dispenses justice with a firm hand, a stern look, and a plateful of homemade fudge? Here comes the judge! Who'll throw the book at you, lock you up for ninety days, and still tuck you in at night? That's right! Who makes Blind Lady Justice coo for a new blue 'do? Judge Marge, that's who!

1. Judge Marge (written by Ian Boothby)

Because how she handles things at home, Marge becomes a successful TV judge, but will she have time for her family too?

2. A Mind-Bending, Soul-Inspiring, Pocket-Emptying Treasure Trove (The Bongo Beat)

Advertising for their latest books.

3. Junk Mail (letters and fan art)

4. Malibu Stacy #1 (starring Malibu Stacy and Malibu Muffy / by Nathan Kane)

The flip cover and intro to the next story

5. Stacy's Busy Day! (starring Malibu Stacy and Malibu Muffy / written by Gail Simone)

Malibu Stacy and her little sister Malibu Muffy get their own story! She even answers a letter from Lisa Simpson! Also includes "Stacy's Fun Pages."


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