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Urban legends. The city has plenty of them. Take for instance, the story of Brain Freeze Steve, the kid whose head exploded when he drank a squishee with two straws. Rumor has it, he still haunts the Kwik-E-Mart to this very day. Plus, Roger Meyers Jr.'s spin-off ideas for the character, Poochie!

  • Journey to the Cellar of the Kwik-E-Mart (written by Robert L. Graff and Jesse Leon McCann)

Is the legend of Brain Freeze Steve true?

  1. Roger Meyers, Jr. Presents Poochie! #1 (the back cover)

  2. Poochie! (written by Scott Shaw)

Is Poochie back in his own spin-off?

  1. Tour De Farce (The Bongo Beat / written by Bill Morrison)

Simpsons' popularity around the world

  1. Junk Mail (letters and fan mail)

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