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Ah, wilderness! The fresh air, the cool streams, a bald, muscled Scotsman wrestling with a rabid bear... Finally, Skinner has devised a ploy to break the Simpson boy-have him go camping in the woods with Groundskeeper Willie! It's up to the Angry Scot of Springfield to whip the Bad Boy of Evergreen Terrace into an honest Iron John! But wait-who is that smoldering sidekick, stumbling through the forest? Answer your call of the wild and have some biodegradable fun with Simpsons #21!

  1. Stand And Deliverance
  2. What I Do Late At Night (full page text and "Life in Hell" strip by Matt Groening)
  3. Junk Mail (letters column)
  4. The Rollickin' Radio-Activity Results Double-Page Spread And Jamboree! (fan art where fans drew different object in lieu of Radioactive Man's bolt on his head)
  5. How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Ant Farm? (Roswell)
  6. Roswell Goes Hollywood! (Roswell)

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