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Secure your belongings and fasten your seatbelts! Patty and Selma are in free fall and they're crashing into the Simpsons' living room! It could be an epic tragedy for Homer and his brood unless the nicotine-needy sisters find success in the skies as flight attendants. Sadly for the Simpsons, Patty and Selma's service with a snarl could be an airborne disaster the likes of which even George Kennedy hasn't seen!

  1. Waitresses In The Sky
  2. My First Bully, Part Two (full text article by Matt Groening)
  3. Junk Mail (Letters column)
  4. Ay, Que Lastima! (Oh, How Horrible!) (Bumblebee Man)
  5. Dr. Nick Riviera's Elective Surgery Clinic - Where The Action Is
  6. Lead It Bleed (Itchy & Scratchy)
  7. Bongo Grab Bag

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