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    Simpsons Comics » Simpsons Comics #138 - Tsunami, Tsunami, Baloney! released by Bongo on January 2008.

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    When a torrential rainstorm threatens to raise the level of Springfield River and destroy Springfield's crumbling levees, only one outspoken environmental advocate, only one eco-aware tree-hugging activist, only one global-warming truth-telling second grader can save the town from disaster - Lisa Simpson! Enjoy a cautionary tale from Springfield this January - before it's too late!

    138th Issue Spectacular!

    Kent Brockman reports on the "End of the World." Or it could be if the town doesn't do something soon. It has been raining for a week straight and the town levee is the only thing that is protecting the city. The problem is the levees are decades old and in dire need of repairs. He says the town is at the mercy of nature and their doom can come at any moment...until just then, it stops raining. The town will be voting later that day on whether or not they will fund the repairs of the levee. In other news, a giant sinkhole has opened up in the middle of town.

    The news report is interrupted when Bart changes the channel to the Krusty the Clown show. Lisa and Bart begin arguing until Homer comes and takes the remote away from both. Lisa tells that the both of them aren't letting her watch the news. Marge then yells at Homer to let Lisa watch what she wants so she doesn't grow up to be like him. Pouting, he lets her have the remote. Lisa tried explaining that it was important that they go to the council meeting where they will all be united as a town. Homer says he's not taking her anywhere there might be singing. Finally Lisa says he doesn't have to go and that pleases Homer.

    As Homer makes up an excuse that he's working on a top secret project at work to get out of the house, he finds Ned Flanders building an ark outside and his kids bringing in animals. Finally Homer tells him that he's wasting his time since Indiana Jones took care of the lost ark long ago.

    At the town meeting, the vote comes up for what Mayor Joe Quimby refers to as the "absurdly wasteful resolution" to fund the levee repairs. Lisa arrives and has something to say. After an almost two hour presentation she, with the help of Professor Frink get the Mayor to agree. He actually only agreed to get them to shut up.

    Underneath the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, there really is a top secret project going on. Homer, Lenny and Carl are in charge of digging a venting tunnel underneath the plant.

    Lisa gets Homer's (dusty) toolbox and asks Bart if he'll help her with a plan. He refuses until she gives him a hammer and tells him he'll get to hit things with it. He's sold. It has begun to rain again. Lisa has managed to get Milhouse, Nelson, Martin, Jimbo, Dolph, Kearney, Ralph, Otto and Sherri and Terri to help repair the levee. Kent Brockman arrives to see Lisa saving the town. As they watch the news footage at home, Homer walks in complaining. The secret tunnel they were digging ran into the sinkhole. Marge asks what tunnel and Homer tries denying that he mentioned a tunnel.

    Homer distracts her by mentioning the television. Kent is reporting again how the children saved the town...until it begins to crumble from the storm. In a panic, Kent yells for everyone to run for their lives. The flood is coming. The Simpsons rush into the car in the hopes of outrunning the flood. No such luck. Floating in their car, they soon come upon where the sinkhole is.

    With the water spiraling down, it looks like the end for the Simpsons. Suddenly the water stops. The sinkhole has, in fact, saved the town. Lisa notes that the hole is empty of water and wonders where it all went. Looks like Mr. Burns will have some explaining to do...


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