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    Simpsons Comics » Simpsons Comics #132 - A Brand New Burns, Part One! released by Bongo on July 2007.

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    In a Simpsons Comics milestone, Bongo Comics Group presents the first story so big it takes two issues to tell! Mr. Burns goes to a spa to be a rejuvenated and comes back a new man -- literally! Who is this pretender and why is everybody taken in by his newfound charm? Why is he selling off all of Mr. Burns belongings? Who is behind this dastardly scheme? And where is the 'real' Mr. Burns?

    See… there are so many questions to answer, it just had to be two issues long!

    The Simpsons Movie poster included at no extra charge!

    Mr. Burns seems to be on the verge of death, but in reality, merely collapsed from exertion after trying to squeeze ketchup on a burger at the company picnic. He decides it's time to go home.

    Relaxing in the back of his limo, Otto pulls up next to them at a stoplight. Otto's loud music rattles Mr. Burns to the point that he's taken to the hospital. Dr. Hibbart informs them that he has Evil Knievel Syndrome, meaning that he's broken every single bone in his body.

    Six months later, Mr. Burns is released. Mr. Burns decides it's time he earned something in return for all the money he's put into medical research (to extend his life, of course). A short time later, Smithers hands Mr. Burns a pamphlet for an exclusive clinic in Mexico that only serves billionaires. When they arrive, Mr. Burns is taken to his room alone. Smithers must stay in the guest quarters to ensure the privacy of the patients. When Mr. Burns is brought inside, he is immediately given a needle that makes him pass out.

    Burns awakes in a dirty decrepit room. Next to him is software billionaire, Artie Ziff (who still has a burning passion for Marge Simpson). Artie informs Burns that they are all prisoners. They are forced to do labor while impersonators go back and liquidate all of their assets. They work sixteen hours in an assembly line building Lil Billy Beerbelly taps that are said to be able to turn ordinary tap water into beer (Homer immediately orders one upon seeing an infomercial). Burns holds on to the hope that Smithers will be able to see through the charade of the fake Mr. Burns. Smithers, meanwhile is pleased with the young, vigorous, Mr. Burns.

    Smithers is soon surprised to find that Mr. Burns wishes to sell the nuclear power plant. They soon visit Moe's Tavern for some All-You-Can-Stand Buffet. Homer, Lenny, and Carl are all scared since they ditched work that day. Burns doesn't seem to mind. He tells everyone that he is having a yard sale on Saturday. Leaving the pub, Burns and Smithers come across Bart, Millhouse, and Ralph outside the Android's Dungeon. They are drooling over a four hundred dollar Radioactive Man comic. In a surprising gesture, Mr. Burns buys the comic for them. Bart, being the shrewd business kid he is, offers to sell it back for half the price.

    At the yard sale, Burns is selling everything off. He tells a saddened Smithers that he will be leaving as soon as everything is gone and will be giving him a nice termination bonus.

    Back in Mexico, Burns' rival, Aristotle Amadopolis offers to let Burns join in on his spoon digging tunnel breakout plan. Burns quickly refuses to work with his rival. He is determined to come up with his own way out. He finally gets the idea to place a note in a Billy Beerbelly.

    In Springfield, Homer has been waiting by the mailbox for six to eight weeks later.

    What happens next? Find out for yourself. And buy the next issue for Part 2.


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