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    Simpsons Comics » Simpsons Comics #129 - You'd Better Sloth Around! released by Bongo on April 2007.

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    Homer is guilty of yet another Seven Deadly Sin when he purchases the latest in scooter technology - the Sloth-Around! How will the world react to a man who refuses to walk let alone stand up again?

    Homer is about to bite into a massive sandwhich when he is caught by Marge. He tries to deny the fact that he was about to eat it so close to midnight and that it must have followed him from the refrigerator. Marge tries reminding him what happens if he eats so much right before bedtime. Finally she says that she's his wife, not his mother. If he wants to do something stupid and self-destructive, she won't stop him.

    After she leaves, Homer turns back to the sandwhich. He is visited by two aspects of his conscious, Angel Homer and Devil Homer. Angel Homer tries to stop Homer and get him to listen to Marge because she is concerned about him. Devil Homer tells him to listen to his appetite since he spends more time with his stomache rather than his wife. Finally after bickering back and forth, Angel Homer accidentally says "Eat." Homer grabs him and eats him. He notes that he has a creamy marshmellow center.

    Later in bed, Homer is feeling pain. He says it feels like "Barney barfed in [his] belly." He goes to sleep on ths sofa so that Marge doesn't know she was right. He still can't sleep. After seeing visions of Flanders, Patty, and Selma, he decides to try watching tv.

    Homer eventually finds an infomercial hosted by Troy McClure selling the "modern marvel of scooter technology," the Sloth-Around. Homer begins drooling over the prospect of owning one. Angel Homer returns despite having been eaten. When Homer tries eating him again, he finally decides that he's Homer's guardian angel, not his mother and disappears. Homer orders the scooter.

    Thirty-three hours later at breakfast, Homer drives around the kitchen in his new Sloth-Around. Lisa tries explaining that it is wrong for Homer to use it since it was designed as a medical aid for those who are old or infirm. Homer asks why should they get all the fun.

    On his way to work, Homer stops by the Kwik-E-Mart. Apu, thinking Homer's been in a horrible accident, offers him "week-old but still quite digestible crullers" for free for having the courage to go on. At work, he shows off to Lenny and Carl. When Mr. Burns sees a "handicapped" individual working for him, he says they cannot have "those infirm incompetents" working there where they could cause an accident. He wants Smithers to get him off the premises. Homer is given the day off with full pay. He says it's like a "free snow day."

    Homer stops by Moe's after leaving the power plant. Moe, seeing Homer, offers to help out Marge in the romance department now that he's no longer a whole man. When Homer becomes enraged at the remark, Moe offers a free beer. He eventually becomes upset and takes the beer (and mug) to drink at home.

    At home, Homer is filled with glee over all the free things he's obtained. He even has a new horn for his scooter. Lisa says it came from her bike. Homer says, "losers weepers." She just learned two lessons, "One, life isn't fair, and two, don't leave your bike around where people can steal stuff."

    The next day, Homer is driving down the road in his scooter. Chief Wiggum, Officer Eddie and Officer Lou clock him at nine miles per hour in an eight mile per hour zone. Wiggum starts chasing him. Homer panics, saying he's too pretty for prison. The squad car stalls because Wiggum forgot to get the car tuned up. Homer is unaware that he's no longer being followed and ducks into the Springfield Mall.

    After nearly running over several shoppers, he heads for the restroom. He zooms in front of a man in an actual wheel chair and heads for the handicapped stall to hide out. Soon his friends come in wondering what's taking him so long. They seem to believe that perhaps he is "one of them" until Homer forgets and stands up to wash his hands.

    The chase is on. Homer is impressed that they can follow him since he has a motorized scooter and they just have manual wheel chairs. The one man comments that after years of practice, they have developed great upper body strength. Homer throws Lisa's horn at him which lands on the floor. The man's chair stumbles over it and he flies over the railing. His friends aren't able to help pull him over as he says he can't hold on much longer.

    Homer wonders why they stopped chasing him when he turns to see what's happening. He figures he's home free now until his conscience appears. Angel Homer, having had enough, tackles Devil Homer. Homer is left with the decision to try to save him.

    Everyone cheers as Homer pulls him over. Not realizing he left his scooter on an incline, it rolls back, hits Homer and sends him over the railing.

    Homer is left with a broken leg as Lisa helps push him around in a regular wheel chair. At the mall, when Homer sees a handicapped ramp, he asks Lisa to push him fast as he holds up two pinwheels. Lisa says it just isn't fair.


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