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Simon Stagg
Simon Stagg

Simon Stagg was the CEO of Stagg Enterprises.

When his daughter Sapphire was being courted by Rex Mason, he sent him to Egypt under the pretense of obtaining the relic known as the Orb of Ra. While in Egypt, Stagg had his bodyguard kill Mason.

However Rex would survive being turned into the shape shifting hero Metamorpho after coming into contact with the Orb of Ra.


Simon Stagg made his debut in 1965's The Brave and the Bold #57 from writer Bob Haney and artist Ramona Fradin.

Major Story Arcs

Justice League Europe

Foxy Ladies/ Worm Food

Due to his hostile takeover of Jason Justin's company, Jason turns to The Society of St. Cholmondely. With their help Jason destroys Stagg's factory in England. Stagg flies to investigate, and when he gets there he runs into the Justice League Europe. Before he can blame them for destroying his factory he is attacked by a giant worm. The worm forces Stagg to retreat while the League deals with.

Brightest Day: Outsiders

When the Outsiders used a Markovian jet to fly to the U.S, they accidently crossed the Canadian border and ended up getting shot down by Canadian jet fighters. Now, the Outsiders must lay low until they can prove to the Canadian government that they are not a threat. Metamorpho reluctantly decides that the only place to find sanctuary is at Simon Stagg's Canadian estate. Stagg conveniently agrees to having the Outsiders stay at his estate just so he can rub it in Metamorpho's face. Stagg gets in contact with the Canadian-American Embassy and the embassy official informs Stagg that since Markovia is still in the middle of a civil war, the Outsiders are considered war criminals until deemed otherwise.

Black Lightning doesn't believe Stagg's bad news from the embassy and threatens him to find a way to get the Outsiders into America. In retaliation, Stagg calls in Freight Train, Stagg's new hired gun who guards the entrance to his estate. He gives Black Lightning, Owlman, and Metamorpho a rough first meeting but he is called off by Stagg when he feels the Outsiders have learned a lesson about disrespecting his hospitality.

Later that same night, Java pays Metamorpho a visit while he was sleeping. For some reason, Java still had the Orb of Ra in his possession. Java uses the orb to knock Metamorpho around until Metamorpho becomes uncoscious. Java then transports Metamorpho to Stagg's laboratory which is beneath his estate. Java intends to merge Metamorpho with Chemo who has been kept in Stagg's lab for some time. Of course, the merger between Metamorpho and Chemo goes horribly wrong.

The creature breaks through the lab and makes its way to the surface. Java tells Freight Train to put an end to the creature so he teams up with Outsiders to stop the creature. Freight Train stops the creature by knocking its feet thus causing the creature to topple into a series of power lines. Chemo becomes so agitated by the electrical surge that it vomits Metamorpho before falling unconscious. When the Outsiders return to Stagg's estate, they find the Canadian army but no Stagg or Java. Freight Train feels abandoned by Stagg and gives the Outsiders the credit for taking down Chemo. The Canadian government thanks the Outsiders for their services rendered and allows them to enter the United States.

Later on, Stagg merges Black Lantern residue with some of his daughter's DNA in order to resurrect his beloved Sapphire. Stagg also has Freight Train kidnap Black Lightning because he will serve as the electrified catalyst that make Sapphire's resurrection possible. Metamorpho and Sapphire have a brief moment of compassion before her essence dissipates. Metamorpho wants to kill Stagg for making him suffer the loss of his wife again but Stagg escapes with his bodyguard Freight Train.

Other Media

Justice League

DC Animated Universe
DC Animated Universe

He appeared in the episode "Metamorphism" and was the owner of Stagg Enterprises. He is a businessman and his company specializes in chemical experimentation. Stagg loved his daughter and didn't want anyone to have her but his daughter Sapphire had fell in love with Rex Mason. Though Sapphire was happy with Rex (her fiancé) her father thought otherwise and decided to use Rex as a guinea pig in one of his experiments. This experiment turned Rex Mason to who would be later known as Metamorpho. When Rex had went after Simon he accidently trapped Stagg's mind in a chemical rage fueled monster. Knowing that he would be the only one to stop Sapphire's father, Rex went after him while Stagg had tore half the city apart looking for his daughter. When he was found, Rex neutralized him.

Beware the Batman

Beware the Batman
Beware the Batman

He first appears in the episode "Hunted" where he is kidnapped by Professor Pyg and Toad for his company's damage to the environment. He later appears in the episode "Toxic" and which serves as the origin for the show's version of Metamorpho. Stagg uses his Project Metamorpho experiment on Rex Mason, a security guard in love with his daughter. He also appears in the episode "Monsters" where Batman visits him at Blackgate Prison.

Arrow & The Flash

In the CW television show Arrow, the name Stagg Industries is mentioned in an episode debuting the Royal Flush Gang. The founder of the company is not given a first name, but the Arrow TV series is full of comic references.

Actor William Sadler will portrait Simon Stagg in the second episode of Arrow spin-off TV series The Flash this fall.

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