Simon Lasker

    Character » Simon Lasker appears in 85 issues.

    The successor of the original Pyro, Simon Lasker seemingly has the same powers as the original. While initially manipulated into joining the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Simon has since reformed and joined the X-Men.

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    A new mutant that succeeded the first Pyro after he died. Simon was a regular young man untill his mutant powers emerged, which wrecked the Community college he was attending. Feeling lost, he felt comeforted when, seemingly, professor Charles Xavier came to him and offered him help and guidance. Little did Simon know that this was not Xavier, but the mutant known as Mesmero, whom mind-controlled him in order to use him for his boss' (Lydia Nance) plans.


    The second Pyro was created by Marc Guggenheim and Ardian Syaf and first appeared in X-Men: Gold Volume 2 issue 1 (2017)

    Major Story Arcs

    With the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

    Due to his powers, Simon was named the new Pyro and was forced to join a group of villains, lead by the Mesmero, calling themselves the New Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. He was joined by a new Avalanche and an alien named Cleavus. Together, they attacked the United Nations building in hopes of showing the world that mutants where here to stay. Of course, the real reason for these action was that Lydia Nance had orgistrated the attack to make mutants look even worse in the public eye. Luckily, the X-Men intervened and the new Brotherhood was defeated. Pyro and his teammate Avalanche where send to jail.

    Breaking out

    While in prison, Simon started realizing he was mindcontroller by Mesmero, and felt angered by the fact that he was now in jail because of him. While confronting Mesmero, he told Simon that his was Lydia Nance whom made the plans. So if anything, he should be angry at her. Mesmero then offered Simon and his friend Avalanche to break them out of jail and get even with Lydia Nance.

    Helping the X-Men

    Soon after Simon and Avalanche got out, they and Mesmero attacked Lydia Nance at a bennefit party. When the X-Men learned of the attack, they came to rescue the mutant-hating Lydia. It was however then that Mesmero used his mind-controlling powers into letting the X-Men believe they where fighting the Brotherhood, but where actually attacking an NYPD swat-team. When they learned of their mistake, the X-Men willingly surrendered to the police and where taken into costudy. This while Simon and the rest of the Brotherhood made their escape. It was then that Simon's consiouce started acting up. Feeling he had betrayed the mutants whom he looked up to, Simon whent to the X-Mansion in Central Park and asked the present X-Men, that where not taken in by the police, for help.


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