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Simon Grimshaw is from Barrytown, New York and graduated from New York University in Molecular Biology and Mathematics. He is a founding member of and Geneticist for the all-out scientific super-group known as World Corp. 
Character Details / Questionnaire (from the pages of The Science Chronicle *):

Favorite Invention: The pencil.
Greatest Influence: The prospect of failure or poverty.
Greatest Achievement: World Corp.
Greatest Ambition: Perfection.

*The Science Chronicle is a fictional magazine in the comic Nowhere Men.

Character Creation

Simon Grimshaw was created by writer Eric Stephenson and artist Nate Bellegarde. He first appeared in Nowhere Men #1 published by Image Comics in 2012.

Character Evolution

In the early days of World Corp., Simon Grimshaw is the face of the organizing managing interviews and public appearances. When an experiment goes wrong and some scientist are killed in the curse of the event, Simon argues with Dade Ellis and Emerson Strange about the ethics and morality of World Corp.'s research. Simon says "What we're on the cusp of is so much greater than the rudimentary concepts of right and wrong”. Dade and Emerson disagree and are worried about where this might lead to. 
At some point, Simon writes on open letter to the press saying he has just decided to no longer do any interviews and focus on writing essays for publication in science journals. Later, he parts ways with World Corp. stating that partnerships that once led to the formation of World Corp. are no longer in line with his natural way of doing things, and the way Emerson Strange continues to promote the World Corp. brand is "increasingly ill-advised". He decides to become involved in "more personally fulfilling" pursuits.


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