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Major Story Arcs


Sime is a skinny, verbose, cruel lieutenant of a gang called Orion's Bastards. They aren't an official group of Grendels but act in its name. They are vicious and basically own their town through violence and intimidation, as well as control of the local Primacin, or Grendel, drug. Their leader is Buster the Large.

Sime comes upon Susan Veraghen as she arrives in town on a journey to find herself. He (backed up by his gang) tells her that she must give up her hoverbike to Buster as a tribute. She refuses and beats the gang, and Sime, up. She leaves with Avril, an old friend she just ran into. However, Avril has worked for Buster in the past, and Sime won't let her get away so easily after being humiliated in public.

Sime tells Buster and they start a plan against Avril and Susan. Meanwhile they initiate some new members into their group through torture and debasement, an area in which Sime delights.

Buster later beats Avril to death, but is not happy. He is annoyed with Sime for causing the problem in the first place. When Susan shows up for revenge, Buster overdoses on Grendel to become an insane, hulking mass of muscle. He kills Sime for his interference before confronting Susan.


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