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    Leader of the Aerialbots, on Cybertron he used to be a low level carrying ship. During Beast Wars, he was remade as a Maximal Fuzor, making his beast mode a blend of a wolf and an eagle.

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    Beast Wars

    Silverbolt was in a stasis pod in space. his pod was damaged resulting in turning him into what is called a Fuzor, when in animal form is a mixture of two animal together which in this case Silverbolt became a half eagle half wolf. After he and another Fuzor crash landed alongside Quickstrike, and of course, they were fighting amongst each other until Megatron interrupted the fight and managed to get both Silverbolt and Quickstrike to side with the Predicons.

    Later Megatron sent out Waspinator and Silverbolt to lead an attack on the Axalon. And Silverbolt was gunned down by the defense system of the Axalon. Rather than disposing SIlverbolt, the Maximals repaired him and managed to turn him to the side of being a maximal.

    The Beginning of a Relationship

    Not too long after that Silverbolt encountered Blackarachnia, Tarantulas, and Quickstrike as they approached the Axalon, Silverbolt refused to attack Blackarachnia as her beauty struck him.

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Transformers: War for Cybertron

    Silverbolt appears in all versions of the game voiced by Patrick Seitz. Silverbolt alongside Jetfire tried to stop Starscream from getting to the Decagon though suffered injuries and failed to prevent that. Optimus Prime in the wake of Cybertron shutting down its core ordered the evacuation of the planet by the Autobots. Megatron in response used the station above Cybertron to shoot down numerous Autobot ships. Optimus ordered Silverbolt, Jetfire, Air Raid, and the other Aerialbots against the station. Silverbolt lead the assault and first the team took out the stations cooling systems and after having some words with Megatron who was mostly taking to Jetfire the team took out the Pulse regulator disabling the stations main weapon. When the team realized the station was a Cybertronian named Trypticon they changed tactics and destroy his transformation cog forcing him to transform and land. As Trypticon drifted towards Cybertron the Aerialbots took out his jetpack in order to let gravity destroy him. Though Trypticon survived he was taken out by Optimus Primes ground team. Silverbolt was later seen at the site where the Autobots started to build the Ark.

    Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

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    Silverbolt appears during Optimus Prime's mission inside the Autobot Base where he was injured and needed Ratchet and Optimus' help before dying. Their intervention saved his life and Silverbolt lived to fight another day and probably stayed behind to guard the Ark. Once the Ark was space side Silverbolt aided in the fight against the Decepticons aboard the Nemesis and was seen aiding his fellow Aerialbots.


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