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    Don Silvio aka Silverback is an old crime boss.

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    Don Silvio Barraca was one of the last members of the Maggia during their final days in control of New York, still reveling in the old mafia style ways. That all changed when the Punisher decided to finish them once and for all. He shot Barraca in the spine paralyzing him from the waste down and leaving him alive as a warning to all other potential crime lords. From then on Silvio needed a wheelchair to get around and spent the next 20 years festering over his defeat.

    Despite being crippled, Barraca still maintained tight control on a small part of Manhattan, employing old super villains such as Man-Mountain Marko. He was highly critical of The Black Tarantula, New York's new Kingpin. He's hatred for the Tarantula eventually caught the Kingpin's attention. The Tarantula effortlessly defeated Barraca's guards and invaded his estate, giving the old Maggia boss the choice to become one of his subordinates. Feeling very much insulted, Don Silvio responded by detonating a bomb in the Black Tarantula's home, only for him to survive however and retaliating with strikes against Silvio's many business fronts.

    Silvio, however had an ace up his sleeve, an officer named Drasco who borrowed money from Barraca to pay for his daughter's surgery and found himself under the Don's thumb. Silvio would also reveal that he had acquired an exoskeleton, giving him super strength and allowing him to walk again. Using Drasco's tips Barraca sent assassin's to a private meeting between The Black Tarantula and Spider-Girl. Failing to kill either target he eventually employed the villains Wildcard and Mayhem through Marko hoping to eliminate Spider-Girl.

    Silvio would later receive news that Frank Castle, the man responsible for crippling him had come out of retirement to finish what he started. On top of that Drasco came to his estate informing him that he was through working for the crime lord and that Barraca and his men were under arrest, only to be knocked out by the Hobgoblin, who revealed that he was the one who provided Silvio's exoskeleton cybernetics and also brainwashed him to follow all of his commands. Just as he is about to kill Drasco, The Warriors consisting of Dark Devil, American Dream, Ladyhawk, Green Goblin, and the Buzz arrive to place Barraca under arrest. He walks outside and pretending to surrender attacks Dark Devil, staring a massive battle between both sides.

    Despite the arrival of Spider-Girl, Barraca and Hobgoblin effortlessly take the team apart as the don rips the wings off the Buzz and defeats both Ladyhawk and American Dream. Just as Silvio celebrates Punisher enters the fray, leaping from the roof and attempting to stab him with a knife. Barraca however uses his exoskeleton to brake the blade and begins to strangle Castle, mocking him. Punisher mumbles something, and Silvio happily wants to know what bringing him closer. As Castle whispers it to him Silvio's last words are "You scheming son of a...", as he is shot through the chest by Punisher, but not before he snaps the vigilante's neck, putting an end to there decades long feud. Hobgoblin and the rest of his men would later be killed by Mayhem who decided to turn against Silvio and Marko accepted a deal from The Black Tarantula and becomes the new Kingpin of Crime.


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