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    A man who hunts the Bats of Gotham.

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    Atsuo Uchida's mother committed suicide, by slitting her wrists in the bathtub. Atsuo found her, fully drained of blood and assumed that she was killed by vampires. This lead him to join forces with Miss Targa be a vampire hunter. He learned to be a master fighter with a pair of silver straight razors. He also only drank, bathed in, and washed his clothing in holy water. At some point, due to his odd eating habits or the lose of his mother, Atsou started to have hallucinations and saw innocent people as vampires.


    Silver was created by Fernando Pasarin and Gail Simone for their run on Batgirl.

    Major Story Arc


    For more information see: Batgirl: Deadline

    Atsou has taken on the name Silver and along with Miss Targa, have move to Gotham City to take down the Batman Family, believing them to be vampires pretending to be heroes. Silver kidnaps a 8 year old named Cissy Chastain, who because of her rare blood condition, Silver believes her to be the Queen Vampire. He then tracks down Batgirl and Strix believing them to be vampires. He is able to fight them to a draw when the Gotham Police show up.
    With the help of Miss Targa, Silver is able to escape back to his headquaters and wait for the "vampires" to come to him. When they arrive, Silver fights them, but this time Miss Targa is missing and Strix is able to get the upper hand.

    Before Strix can deliver the killing blow, Batgirl stops her and Cissy emerges. Cissy reveals she is a vampire and bites Silver, but because Silver drinks holy water Cissy is doomed. Then after Andrew Bennett shows up to thank Silver for taken care of a lost vampire but Silver and Miss Targa disappear leaving Batgirl to wonder what really happened.


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